Position Responsibilities:

  • Design and prototyping of electrical systems in virtual reality experiments.
  • Responsible for the development of analog and mixed signal circuitry in high performance mixed signal audio processing IC's.
  • Build schematics, complete board layouts, assemble, test, debug, and integrate designs into electro-mechanical systems.
  • Participate in all aspects of the design including specification, architectural development, transistor level design, layout supervision, chip level verification, and lab validation.
  • Different regions/modes of operation of CMOS devices, sizing of basic CMOS gates and realization of logic using transistors.
  • Hands-on implementation work for every aspect of ASIC verification, working closely with the system group, architects, RTL designers and verification teams.
  • Design, simulate, test, characterize and integrate digital and analog circuits.
  • Debug test failures at block, full chip, and system level.
  • Helping the quality teams in developing the verification flow and methodology, test bench and test cases, plus executing the test plan.
  • Need to perform the statistical analysis on the various data for the research & validation purpose by using SAS.
  • Co-ordinate with the other technical teams in the industry and attend weekly meeting.

Education Qualification:

  • Bachelors or Masters in Electrical, Electronics and related engineering domain.
  • Strong knowledge of analog/digital integrated circuit design fundamentals
  • CMOS / MOSFET operational amplifier design skills
  • Discrete time and continuous time signal processing skills
  • Good knowledge in SAS for data validation and processing.

Statistical Analysis Requirements:

  • Candidate Need to work in SAS Environment along with Windows- Editor, Output, Log, project window
  • Import various types of data sets like Text files (.txt, .csv) Excel files (.xls) Etc. using SAS codes.
  • Creation of Permanent and temporary Datasets
  • Data manipulation with CONDITIONAL OPERATOR like WHERE, IF….ELSE…THEN, WHEN
  • Import data sets using the SAS Import Wizard.
  • Generating report with Proc print & proc report.
  • Identify and resolve programming logic errors.
  • Writing a SQL steps & creating Output Tables.
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