Company Overview

Our Values

CloudBig technology is always at the front to provide improved and industry-friendly solutions to ensure better and conductive future for mankind. We help maintain our values and principles by deploying services from the perspectives of the client, enhancing the skills of our people and building better and productive relationship with communities across the globe.

Our People

We believe in transforming the lives of our people by providing them a platform to effectively apply their deep-industry knowledge, technical domains and skills to support the growth of the organization and the client in the mutual communion. We attract some of the best talents, with a ‘do not quit’ approach to foster the development.

Global Network and Integrity

We are obstinate to hold the ‘trust’ factor by building long-lasting, productive and efficient relationships with communities, customers and organizations. We strongly focus on delivering the operations and solutions wherever and whenever the customer requires it. We abide by our ethics and provide transparent, ethical and unbiased solutions to all without any social and economic barrier.

‘Phase-Enabled’ Strategies

  Automation Services
   Health Management
Eyeing the every-dynamic nature of the market, we have devised ‘phase-enabled’ strategies to address the challenges as they seem.Our new structure has been widely incorporated in our entire service offerings, thus making more robust than ever before. We strive to serve the following industries with an entirely new approach to the customer demands, market challenges and revenue generation.

Our Vision

CloudBig Technology comprises of experts having firm ground in the precincts of technology and industrial innovation. Our team consists of technocrats having hands-on-experience in enterprise application market from 1984. Our expertise includes manufacturing, banking, insurance, aviation, supply chain, transportation, logistics, governance, healthcare, and retail. CloudBig Technology sales and implementation collaborate with world’s leading software and service providers in finance, information technology, human resources, manufacturing, procurement, marketing, research & development , sales, engineering, and supply chain. We, at CloudBig Technology, are on a mission to be industry pioneers in providing solutions to today’s technology needs and business processes for a better tomorrow. We are a multi-level solution provider and one of the few services firms committed to enhance the customer experience in every way possible.

As a major player in sharing core wisdom in the way services get transferred from end to end, our industry-compatible individuals here collectively have brought home by constantly engaging on research and development in consulting, technology, outsourcing, SAP needs, etc. Our highly motivated team of professionals; with decisive expertise and thorough vision to absorb demands, innovative solutions, and implement new age business processes; takes responsibility to build relationships at an entirely new dimension. At CloudBig Technology, highly qualified individuals are constantly working on various platforms, such as, Cloud Computing applications, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) etc. for facilitating end-user programming, parallel and concurrent computing, meta-programming, becoming passionate to search for solutions at each stage of a business model to keep them in tact with end-user preferences of technology usage. This resonance gives clients the most sought after model which is cost-effective and industry-ready. At present, CloudBig Technology is serving IT clients in North America, Western Europe and South Asian markets but we are not restricted to these areas alone.

CloudBig Technology is a technology savvy company which is ardent to meet the client challenges so as their business more effectively and efficiently. We focus on deploying technology-oriented strategies and are in constant notion to upgrade and develop our services. Our services are dedicated to address the challenges and transform them into optimized opportunities for growth and development in a more radical and user-friendly manner.We are ardent to keep the customers’ requisite at the forefront. Our solutions assist our customers to outperform their competitive organizations in a more profound manner. Our existing services and tools are helping customers to understand the importance of technical integration in their operations. Apart from this, we strongly emphasize the IT-specific solutions for addressing the needs of the customers.

CloudBig technology “high performance business” strategy uses expertise in consulting, technology and outsourcing which help our prospective customers and collaborators to achieve efficient performance and sustainable strategies. Our expertise in industry and business-process knowledge, our insight and understanding of emerging technologies and new business strategies help to formulate and implement solutions which are most robust and affordable to implement.Our technology experts are focused in providing clients with the assistance and technical guidance so as to ensure smooth functioning of the organizational operations in every precinct of the industry. Our real-time delivery, client-oriented results and efficient prospects on solutions make us one of the leaders in consultation organizations.